Bennett & Friends – Corporate
Social Responsibility Promises

At Bennett & Friends, we want to run our business in a way that impacts positively on society, our fellow human beings and the environment.  We make decisions about purchasing and how we operate that promotes positive social impact and reduces harm to the planet. Below we list our Corporate Social Responsibility Promises.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Living wage: all our colleagues are paid at or above the current London Living wage regardless of where they live or where the event is held.  We pay travel time and expenses. When events finish late, transport home is provided to ensure staff safety.
  • Sustainable Sourcing of fish: we will source sustainable options for all the fish we use on a regular basis
  • Provenance, traceability and animal welfare: We source meet from local suppliers based as near as possible to out main kitchens.   Traceability systems are in place and copies of records are available on request. Eggs are free range.
  • Seasonal/local produce: fruit and vegetables are purchased from local farms in Kent and Gloucestershire or from local wholesalers.  Wherever possible we purchase direct from growers to cut down the food miles caused by produce being transported from grower-market-supplier and improving freshness.  
  • Wine: We are pleased to be able to offer a great range of organic and biodynamic wines from around the world, at reasonable prices.  We stock lines where shipping to the UK and transportation in the UK is certified carbon neutral.
  • Minimise food waste: through planning and the safe transportation of surplus food from events we can minimise food Waste.   
  • Recycling: glass, paper and cardboard, tins are all recycled.  Food waste is composted.
  • Tap water: we promote service of tap water for events.  Where bottled water is preferred we serve BELU water, sourced from the UK, 100% carbon neutral and supporting clean water and sanitation through registered charity, WaterAid.
  • Fair trade/Direct Trade: the tea, coffee, sugar and herbal drinks we serve are all certified fair trade.
  • Procure from small and micro enterprises and Social Enterprises: we like to support social enterprises and small and micro enterprises through our supply chains.  Not only do these organisations supply interesting and often exquisite products but they invest in their communities and deliver important social value.  If you make delicious food and drink and operate your business sustainably please get in touch – we would love to work with you.